Farming Practices

We have seen farming trends change over the years, but we have always kept to the same traditions of keeping the soil as nutrient supple as possible without the introduction of chemicals.  We have always farmed as if we are growing produce for our own consumption.

To accomplish that we practice as many sustainable farming procedures as possible, we believe in routing crops for the sake of the land as well as to produce the best produce for you.  This crop rotation also allows for down time for the soil so it is not always producing something… it can rest.  We also plant winter cover crops to prevent erosion and to provide fertilizer in the spring when it’s plowed under.

We like to say, we handle our farming the way you would handle your garden.  So there’s no need for herbicides because we can hoe and cultivate to remove weeds and keep them under control, just like you would in your own garden.

When it comes to bugs we try to follow the principles of integrated pest management.  We monitor and when pests appear to be an issue we look for non-chemical ways to handle them.  A chemical pesticide is our last resort and if needed, is used in lower then the prescribed dosages.

As we approach 100 years of vegetable farmer we believe it’s important to provide others with fresh and local produce that will provide all of us with nutrient rich and tasty produce and hopefully allow us many more years of the same.

Posted at April 4th, 2010.

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