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Tunnel Farming

Want a little insight to our farming practices?  Check out this post by Tracey Paska…

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Produce Update

This will be the last weekend for our spring-dug parsnips this season.  But don’t fret we’ll have lettuce and radishes along with the spinach and green onions.

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Parsnip… the unknown vegetable

Are they white carrots? Are they turnips? We’re asked often what are they?  And we’ll happily tell them… they are parsnips!

They are related to carrots, but are the closest relative to parsley.  They are a root vegetable that grow larger the farther north you go.  The early popularity of parsnips was replaced with the potato.  They are planted in early spring, as soon as the ground can be worked. Harvesting can begin in the fall and continue until the ground freezes.  The remaining parsnips can be left in the ground and harvested in the spring.  That process converts the starches in parsnips to sugars making spring-dug parsnips sweeter then the fall-dug ones.  However, spring-dug ones must be harvested before the tops to go seed. 

What do you do with them?  That’s the next question we get after the “what are they” question.

Parsnips can be boiled, roasted or used in stews, soups and casseroles. Roasted parsnip is considered an essential part of Christmas dinner in some parts of the English-speaking world and frequently features in the traditional Sunday Roast. It’s also often paired with lamb for an Easter dinner in some cultures.  Parsnips can also be fried, or can be eaten raw, although raw parsnips are not frequently consumed.

The parsnip is richer in vitamins and minerals than its close relative, the carrot. It is particularly rich in potassium and a good source of dietary fiber.

For more information on parsnips check out:

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Greens Are Springing Up!

Check out this great article written by Rick Nelson of the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

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Let the shopping begin!

We had a very successful winter when it comes to the produce we winter over. We had a great survival rate on our spinach. Therefore, we’ll be at the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market on Lyndale from about 9-noon this Saturday selling our winter spinach, green onions and spring dug parsnips. We’re planning on bringing a lot, but come early, you don’t want to miss out on this early treat.

And check back for updates as to when other produce will be available.

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Spring is underway!

Spring is well underway. This has been one of the earliest springs we’ve been able to get started. We have spring spinach, lettuce, radishes, peas and beets planted and already coming up. It’s going to be an exciting market year. See you soon!

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